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Many of the frequently asked questions and some of our answers

Q. Does the rental price include fuel?

A. Balijeep vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel, it is the renters responsibility to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel.  Vehicles returned without a full tank will be filled by Balijeep staff and the renter will be charged for the fuel as well as a surcharge of US$7.50

Q. Can the roof be removed?

A. All Balijeep vehicles have the option of Open Top, Soft Top or Hard Top and can be supplied in the configuration the renter prefers, please be sure to specify which option you would like when ordering your vehicle so that our staff can prepare and have ready for renter upon delivery

Q. What size is the engine?

A. Most of our vehicles come with the standard AMC 4.2lt straight six cylinder engine.  We also have a small number of diesel models when available

Q. How old do i need to be?

A. Anyone wishing to rent a vehicle from Balijeep must be minimum 21 years old, anyone wishing to drive the vehicle must also be minimum 21 years of age and be able show their passport to prove their age

Q. What license and ID do i need to provide to rent a Balijeep vehicle?

A. The person renting Balijeep vehicle must provide a current license for the class of vehicle renter wish to hire and a passport.  Passports will be held by Balijeep in the Balijeep strongbox until the vehicle is returned.  An international license is not mandatory but will certainly help if stopped by Bali Police.  Balijeep staff can assist you in arranging an International licenses if you wish.  Please speak with our staff for more details

Q. What if i have an accident?

A. The person renting the vehicle is liable for all accident damage including third party person & property.  There are a number of Insurance options available when renting a Balijeep vehicle.  The daily rate varies depending on the package you choose.  More information about Balijeep Insurance packages can be found here.  Insurance covers damages to the rented vehicle.  All insurance options have a maximum excess amount.  Please ask our staff for more details

Q. Do you have automatic transmission vehicles?

A. BaliJeep only have a very small number of automatic vehicles and can be rented when available.

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