Bali Tips

Before setting off to go exploring the island of Bali, especially when you are on your own and not with a driver, we recommend you pay attention into the following information.

If you would prefer you can rent a balijeep 4x4 with one of our experienced tour drivers, they know many of the best places to visit on the island, allowing you to kick back and enjoy the ride whilst seeing all the best spots Bali has to offer

Driving License

An International driving license is a good idea. If you do not have one be prepared to pay an on-the-spot police fine, information about fines can be found here.  If you would like to arrange one, a Tourist Driving License can be obtained in Bali at Jl. Cok Agung Tresna (Cok Agung Tresna Street) No. 14, Renon, Denpasar. The office is in the Pelayanan Samsat Building, BPKB section. Requirements: one copy of passport (photo and identification pages and entry visa page) and one copy of valid home country driving license. A car or motorcycles license will cost about Rp.125,000 each and are valid for one month. Obtain and complete the application form, pay the fee and have your photograph taken on the spot. The licenses are ready in ten minutes. Contact: 0361-243-939, Foreign License Service.

Alternatively, if you wish, our staff here at Bali Jeep can arrange all of this on your behalf.  Just let our staff know if you require a Bali Foreign Holiday License and let us take care of all the headache

Vehicle Insurance

Balijeep offer a number of options for insurance.  These include; 1. Full liability, Partial liability and No liability.  Please be sure you completley understand your rights and responsibilities and make sure you choose the package suitable for your needs, information about Balijeep rental vehicle insurance can be found here.

Check Your Car

During the vehicle hand-over, be sure to check the car e.g. the spare wheel, vehicle's STNK registration or Surat Jalan papers, whether it is petrol, LPG or diesel fuel, also check the body of the vehicle for any major body damage or scratches and be sure you have anything out of the ordinary noted during the hand over of the vehicle.

GPS Navigation Devices

GPS navigation units can be rented from Bali Jeep and can be made available upon request, Please contact us for rental pricing for vehicle GPS navigation equipment

Maps and Information

Free maps often available in most department stores for easy pick up. Buying detailed maps with information such as from Periplus is by far better quality or if you wish you can hire a GPS navigation unit from BaliJeep from US$9.50 per day

Do's and Don'ts

  • In many places cattle, cows/sheep and dogs are often crossing the street, just slow down and be careful.
  • Religious ceremonies and cultural festivals may occupy the road - if you are caught behind it, enjoy the experience and do not use the horn.
  • As a developing country, during peak hours, roads especially in the towns are quite busy, please be patient.
  • It is NOT UNUSUAL for cars and motorbikes to swerve into your lane especially in around traffic light or where obstacles on the sides of the road exist e.g. parked cars or trolley procession.
  • Drivers (often motorbike) from side streets sometimes do not look at the traffic conditions when pulling out into traffic or joining the main road, please BEWARE ALWAYS.
  • There are several places where traffic in the left lane may turn or continue straight through while the light is red with a sign "Belok kiri jalan terus" or "Lurus Jalan terus"
  • Remember to "toot" your horn when going around curves or intersections as drivers sometimes drive in the middle of the road, especially when they think it is quite.
  • There are a lot of one way roads in Bali (meant to help traffic flow but it has not really turned out that way). If you miss your turn off, you may have drive quite a distance before being able to turn back. This has resulted in motorbike riders riding a few hundred meters in the wrong direction, as a shortcut rather than following traffic flow. BE ALERT!

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