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Rent an American CJ7 Jeep from BaliJeep and Discover the local life of the Balinese people and the spectacular scenery of the island whilst cruising around in a BaliJeep open top 4x4. Drive a Bali Jeep 4 wheel drive through small villages, stop to meet friendly locals, take a boat ride across a pristine mountain lake and taste the fresh flavours of organic produce at a local farm. Combining cultural touring with adventure, BaliJeep allows you to enjoy the best the islands have to offer.

Balijeep Marlboro Man - Freedom

Ultimate Style and Excitement

If you're looking for the most fun way to get around Bali, you've come to the right place! Rent an open top Jeep 4x4 from Bali Jeep and cruise around the island in ultimate style

BaliJeep provides some of the most talked-about outdoor adventures and unique events on Indonesia's beautiful paradise island Bali.

BaliJeep is a venture by Tony Sampano and his wife Elvi, both very successful business people in their own right, both Tony and Elvi run a number of businesses in Indonesia and have done for many years. In an effort to lift the quality of their life and prepare for their semi retirement at their home in Bali, Tony and Elvi set about launching Bali Jeep

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