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If you are looking to buy a quality Jeep or 4x4 give us a call or drop us an email here at Balijeep.  Balijeep have been dealing in pre owned Jeep and 4x4 vehicles for many years.  We have fully equipped workshops for doing vehicle roadworthy checks or full repairs and modification. 

When you are looking to buy a 4x4 its better to talk with the people who really understand these types of vehicles. At Balijeep we know everything there is to know about 4x4's and off-road vehicles.

Balijeep always have stock of vehicles.  Our members are also always looking to sell and upgrade or trade their vehicles and when dealing through Balijeep you have a trusted partner to help you broker the best deal for both parties

Balijeep have deals on all types of 4x4 vehicles not only Jeep

Buying from a trusted source

Buy from a source you can trust.  Balijeep is owned by Tony Sampano a very successful businessman, Tony has run's a number of businesses in South east Asia for many years.

Peace of mind.  Balijeep offer 30 day warranty on all vehicles they sell.  This covers all major components such as Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case.

Balijeep have their very own building which houses their offices, workshops and social club on the roof.  We built this from the ground up to meet our very own special requirements.

Balijeep is here for the long run and want our customers to be as happy with our services as we are to be living here in Bali

Balijeep 4x4 Market Place

To see all the vehicles Balijeep or our members have for sale click on the following link;
 Market Place & Vehicle Lists

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